Top Tips for Newsletters that Produce Results

Top Tips for Newsletters

Creating and distributing a quality newsletter can position you as a voice of authority in your chosen field, which can ultimately lead to increased sales for your business. Once you’ve decided to add a newsletter to your marketing mix, you need to build a subscriber list, decide how often you’ll send it, and more importantly, […]

10 Top Tips for Successful Content Marketing (via the ABN Epic Content Marketing Webinar)


Earlier this year I attended a fantastic webinar hosted by the Australian Business Women’s Network. The topic was Epic Content Marketing, presented by Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute. Here are my key takeaways. 1. What Kind of Content are you Sharing? To be successful your content must fulfil a customer need. 2. Be Consistent […]

Two Ways to Make Google Love your Website

Google loves your website

When you get invited to a breakfast presentation or seminar, you generally want to attend the event based on how relevant the topic is to your needs and how authoritative the presenter is. Relevance and authority are also important topics to understand in relation to how Google ranks your website.

How Good is Your Website at Converting Visitors into Customers?

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Recently I attended a Google Engage Master Class where I learned a lot of new and interesting things about online marketing. One of the topics presented by David Booth of Cardinal Path covered how to set a KPI Framework for your Customer Lifecycle.  The content of this article comes from and was inspired by that presentation.

A Five Step Plan for Getting More Free Web Traffic from Google

content marketing

More and more clients have been asking me how they can increase their organic web traffic from Google.  I always recommend creating an online Content Marketing strategy, which means regularly adding new and valuable web content to your website and sharing it with your target audience. But to make sure you get value for your […]

Link Building for SEO: Have You Picked the Low Hanging Fruit?

building links for SEO

Three of the things that have a big impact on how much traffic your website gets from search engines are: Website Development: How search engine friendly your website is Web Content: The quality of your content, the keywords that you use in your content and how you use them Inbound Links: The number and quality […]