Why it doesn’t pay to run good ads to a bad website

good ads bad website

Even as I wrote the headline of this article, the answer seemed really obvious. Good ads. Bad website. What good could ever come of it? But the answer is complex because there are varying degrees of a “bad” website and the level of “badness” can be relative to the quality of the other websites in […]

5 Questions to Ask all Potential Website Service Providers (or Risk Wasting Time & Money)

questions to ask web service providers

I originally wrote this article three years ago. I’m re-publishing it because unfortunately, three years later, I’m still meeting way too many business owners who have invested time and money in their website and online marketing but are disappointed with the results and/or haven’t received value for money. Unfortunately, it often takes a bad experience to […]

5 Tips for Successfully Moving to a Responsive Web Design

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I recently moved this website to a new theme with a responsive design. If you’re planning a similar update, here’s some tips for planning the new site with all devices in mind. 1. Test, Test, Test The purpose of a responsive design is that your users have a great experience on all devices; desktop, laptop, tablets […]

Two Ways to Make Google Love your Website

Google loves your website

When you get invited to a breakfast presentation or seminar, you generally want to attend the event based on how relevant the topic is to your needs and how authoritative the presenter is. Relevance and authority are also important topics to understand in relation to how Google ranks your website.

How to Get Found in Google When People Search for a Local Business (Just Like Like Yours)

Google search results page

I’ve been working with a number of clients recently to successfully bring them targeted web traffic from their local area, so I thought it was timely to confirm the three different ways that your website can be found in local search results. This information might not be new for you, but it’s a good time […]

Link Building for SEO: Have You Picked the Low Hanging Fruit?

building links for SEO

Three of the things that have a big impact on how much traffic your website gets from search engines are: Website Development: How search engine friendly your website is Web Content: The quality of your content, the keywords that you use in your content and how you use them Inbound Links: The number and quality […]

Ecommerce Tips: How to Get Over 1,000 Unique Website Visitors in Your First Two Weeks

Getting traffic to a new website can be difficult because it takes time to build up your organic ranking and appear on the first page of Google.  The Spoilt Gift and Homewares estore opened for business two weeks ago.  Since then it has had over 1500 visits (1061 unique visitors), 46% from organic search. Alexa, a website that […]