Simple sales without the sleaze

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Many business owners start their own business because they are good at what they do, they enjoy doing it and they don’t want to work for someone else any more. These are fantastic reasons to start a business. But to be successful in business you also need to have sales and marketing skills and many new […]

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How Good is Your Website at Converting Visitors into Customers?

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Recently I attended a Google Engage Master Class where I learned a lot of new and interesting things about online marketing. One of the topics presented by David Booth of Cardinal Path covered how to set a KPI Framework for your Customer Lifecycle.  The content of this article comes from and was inspired by that presentation.

Want to Track Phone Calls Generated by your Google AdWords Campaigns?

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An important aspect of any Google AdWords campaign is working out how you will track the results. This is essential so that you can work out if you are getting a good return from your advertising investment. When a conversion, such as a order, enquiry or newsletter sign-up takes place online it can be tracked […]