Why it doesn’t pay to run good ads to a bad website

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Even as I wrote the headline of this article, the answer seemed really obvious. Good ads. Bad website. What good could ever come of it? But the answer is complex because there are varying degrees of a “bad” website and the level of “badness” can be relative to the quality of the other websites in […]

5 Questions to Ask all Potential Website Service Providers (or Risk Wasting Time & Money)

questions to ask web service providers

I originally wrote this article three years ago. I’m re-publishing it because unfortunately, three years later, I’m still meeting way too many business owners who have invested time and money in their website and online marketing but are disappointed with the results and/or haven’t received value for money. Unfortunately, it often takes a bad experience to […]

5 Tips for Successfully Moving to a Responsive Web Design

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I recently moved this website to a new theme with a responsive design. If you’re planning a similar update, here’s some tips for planning the new site with all devices in mind. 1. Test, Test, Test The purpose of a responsive design is that your users have a great experience on all devices; desktop, laptop, tablets […]

5 Ways to Make your Website Mobile Friendly

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Content of this article is based on things I learned at the recent Google Analytics User Conference in Melbourne, and also at an AdWords Bootcamp training day. Both events were presented by Loves Data. ———- More and more people are viewing websites on a mobile device. And, actually, 90% of people are using multiple screens to complete a […]

How a Website Can Change your Life

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My business partner in Grassroots Internet Strategy, Serena Star-Leonard, wrote a book that was published this year titled “How to Retire in 12 Months”. The book is about figuring out what you’re passionate about, working out a way to turn that passion into profit and then using the opportunities created by the internet to do […]

10 Money Saving Reasons to Add WordPress to your Website

Piggy Bank for the money you'll save

WordPress web software is being used by more and more people around the world to create their website or blog. According to this article by OM4: WordPress is the most widely used web software, used by over 14% of all websites WordPress is the dominant Content Management System (CMS), used more than 54% of the […]