Read This Before You Hire an AdWords Manager


In terms of AdWords management there is no one-size-fits-all approach. But in terms of QUALITY AdWords management there are things your AdWords manager should do to ensure that you get maximum value from both your advertising spend, and your management fee. Before you agree to work with an AdWords Manager, ensure that they meet the criteria below.

Beyond Google Search: 3 Other Places Your AdWords Ads Can Appear

Beyond Google Search- 3 Other Places Your AdWords Ads Can Appear

By putting your ads in front of the right people, who are located in the right place, at the right time, Google AdWords can help grow your business. As well as getting your ads to appear in the Google Search results, via AdWords campaigns your ads can also appear: Across the huge network of websites […]

Google AdWords: What Local Businesses Need to Know About Recent Updates

adwords local business updates

Google is rolling out an AdWords update that can give ads for businesses that service a local area more visibility. This includes ad campaigns for hairdressers, shops, restaurants, dry cleaners, accountants, dentists and anyone else who has a business that services customers at a fixed location, like an office or shop.   There are ads […]