Link Building for SEO: Have You Picked the Low Hanging Fruit?

building links for SEO

Three of the things that have a big impact on how much traffic your website gets from search engines are: Website Development: How search engine friendly your website is Web Content: The quality of your content, the keywords that you use in your content and how you use them Inbound Links: The number and quality […]

10 Money Saving Reasons to Add WordPress to your Website

Piggy Bank for the money you'll save

WordPress web software is being used by more and more people around the world to create their website or blog. According to this article by OM4: WordPress is the most widely used web software, used by over 14% of all websites WordPress is the dominant Content Management System (CMS), used more than 54% of the […]

It’s all about you! Keep people reading by writing benefit driven, reader focused web copy.

For a lot of people, when talking or writing about their business, it comes naturally to explain the features of their product or service.  Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t really let you stand out, as it is likely that in reality, the features of your product are pretty similar to your competitors.