Google+ Q&A: How do you block someone?

If there is someone on Google+ that you don’t want to interact with, you can block them. This article covers how to block them, and what happens when you do.

How to block someone on Google+

On a computer

1. Go to the Profile of the person that you want to block.

2. At the bottom of the panel on the left that shows their profile pic and details, you’ll see a downward arrow, like the one shown at the right of this screen shot

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 6.08.55 PM

3. Click the downward arrow and you’ll see the options below

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 6.11.54 PM


4. Select Report/Block and you can choose whether to remove the person from your Circles or Block the person. Additionally you can Report the profile.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 6.12.06 PM


Via an iPhone / iPad app

Go to the Profile of the person you want to block, select the Gear icon in the top right corner, and select Block.

Via an Android App

Go to the Profile of the person you want to block, select the Menu icon Block and then OK.

Note: The blocking process is the same for Pages as it is for Profiles.

What happens when you block someone on Google+?

Once you block someone, you are removed from each other’s circles, and you can’t see or interact with each other’s content. Within 24 hours the person or page will no longer be able to see your Posts, your Comments or + mention you.

The person can’t add you again unless you un-block them.

Also note that the person doesn’t get a notification that they’ve been blocked.

Read Google’s Support article about blocking someone on Google+.

Also find out how to Report content on Google+ and what you should report.

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