Google Plus Marketing for Australian Businesses

In 2015 more and more Australian businesses are taking advantage of Google plus for marketing. 

Why? Because it works!

Google plus gives you the opportunity to market your business by:

  • Getting found more often in Google’s organic search results
  • Building relationships with your business network including clients, prospects and partners
  • Generating engagement around your shared content.

Like all things you’re not familiar with, when you’re new to Google plus you need to spend some time learning how it works and understanding the basics. Then the next step is to spend time there regularly, engaging with other people and pages and sharing your own content.

The Google plus checklist shown in this infographic created by Plus Your Business is a great place to start.

Source: Plus Your Business

Need more help using Google plus to market your business?

Once you’ve reviewed the steps in the checklist, if you need more help getting up to speed on Google plus the fast and easy way, contact me  to discuss the options for a 1-to-1 or small group hands-on training session. I love Google plus and my mission is to help more Australian businesses tap into the awesome marketing opportunity it offers.

While you’re here, please also check out my Google+ profile, add me to your Circles and say hi.


About Melinda
Melinda aka Mel is a Premier Google Partner, AdWords & Analytics Consultant, Speaker and Trainer and co-owner of Click-Winning Content. Mel provides results-driven services to Australian businesses and is committed to never using an acronym without explaining it first. She also likes grand slam tennis, cracked pepper and Melbourne sunsets. Please connect at the links below.