Google Plus is Not Dead. (Here’s Proof That it’s Alive and Kicking!)

GOOGLE PLUS ISNT' DEADTo show that Google+ is well and truly alive and kicking I wrote the article below and shared it on Google+.

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When I talk to clients in Australia about Google plus, many of them reply that they “heard it was dead” or something similar.

It seems that negative opinions about this wonderful platform reach more ears than all the positive aspects of Google plus that active users have experienced and know to be true.

Let’s share our support of Google+ as a fantastic platform, particularly for:

  • really getting connected with people
  • generating engagement around your content
  • tapping into the value of communities
  • getting your online content found in Google search
  • Hanging out
  • plus discovering content, laughing at funny stuff and enjoying magnificent photos.

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Like to know more about the current situation with Google plus?

Plus, this week, a new Google plus feature called Collections was launched, making Google+ even better. Read about it here: Google plus collections, a new way to curate and share content.

Thank you to all my Google+ friends, the clients and contacts who have trusted my feedback more than what they read in the media and to everyone who +1’s and shares.

In appreciation


Google-Gal and Google-plus-fan

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