Ecommerce Tips: 11 Ways to Make People Happy to Buy From You

Following on from my ecommerce tips article on How to Get 1,000 Unique Visitors in Your First Two Weeks, here are 11 tips to make your website user friendly and make your customers happy to buy from you.

Actually some of the tips are about you and not your customers. I included them to save you tearing your hair out with frustration during the website set up process ūüôā

  1. Work with a company that reguarly sets up ecommerce websites. This tip seems obvious but if your estore is a significant investment, take the time to speak to their customers to find out what the company is like to work with, if there were issues in the set up process and if the back end check out is ever temporarily unavailable. Buy something inexpensive to test the shopping carts of their reference websites.
  2. If you’re using a payment gateway,¬†contact your bank during the early planning stages¬†to find out what information they require to link your¬†bank account, and how long it will take to set up whatever needs to be done by the bank
  3. Use high quality product images; show your wares in their best light
  4. Make sure your website will¬†have a unique URL for your “Thank You” and “Sign Up” pages¬†so that you can create goals in¬†Google Analytics. This means that once your customers have completed their purchase, they should be directed to page something like “” rather than a web address that changes for each customer
  5. Have a prominent contact phone number in your header, in case customers have issues or questions during the check out process and need to speak to a live person
  6. Include your physical address¬†in the footer of the website and on the “Contact Us” page plus a photo of your physical store or business (if you have one!)
  7. Include a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page that provides all the information customers might want to know before purchasing from you.  The FAQs is a great place to add your keywords in all different combinations
  8. Test your Check Out process prior to launching and if anything is not absolutely obvious, add information to your FAQs page
  9. Build credibility and trust by having an About Us page and a Privacy Policy
  10. Have Google Analytics or another monitoring tool installed prior to the website being launched, so that you can immediately access information about how many visitors you have, how they are finding your website and loads of other useful stuff
  11. Read this website usability book¬†“Don’t Make Me Think” by Steven Krug and keep the “don’t make me think” principal in mind with everything you do and write on your website. Keep your visitors reading your website but never making them think. Put the information they need, very clearly, at their mouse click!

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About Melinda
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