Does your brand image fall apart when it comes to social media?


Find out why Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and all your social media platform mastheads should portray your brand consistently.

Note from Mel: A few months ago I worked with Judy Brandt of Judy Brandt Design to update my social media branding. I was really pleased with the results and Judy made the process really easy. Here she shares the reasons why social media branding is important.

When considering their brand, most businesses think about their website, business cards and other marketing documents. You also need to include your social media pages in your branding so that:

  • Your brand message and assets are easily understood at a glance
  • It conveys professionalism
  • A feeling of trust connects your personality to your business brand (which is what social media is all about!)
  • It triggers an underlying connection to your website.

Trend forecasters for 2014 stress that visuals will dominate social media in the environment of “no attention-span!” So if you’re spending lots of time and effort creating content and building your social media networks, why go half way?

A special offer

Judy will design a fabulous Twitter Background plus Twitter cover, Facebook cover, and Google+ cover—ALL FOR $500.

Each image is designed to suit the size and other specifications of the platform.

Here’s an example of the covers designed for Click-Winning Content:

Brandt promo-soc-media

To start the ball rolling on getting your own customised, individually branded series of social media covers, email Judy Brandt Design at:

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