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In fact, we treat your advertising budget like it’s our own money.

Got a website that looks great but doesn’t get visitors or do much for your business?

Want to get your website on Page One of Google to generate more leads?

Read below to find out how we’re different from other agencies, how Google AdWords works and all about our Google AdWords management services.

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Google AdWords Search Engine Marketing will increase your web traffic

Also called Pay-Per-Click advertising (because you only pay when someone clicks on your ad), search engine advertising with Google AdWords is a cost-effective and measurable way to get potential new customers to visit your website.

Search Engine Marketing ads appear as Ads at the top and the right hand side of a search engine results page.

Although it can take time for your website to appear on Page One of Google in the organic search results through your SEO efforts, using Google AdWords your Ad can be showing in Google by the end of the day.

But an AdWords campaign isn’t just about the traffic. When you’re investing marketing budget you need to get a return for your business. Whether your ideal return is enquiries for your services, bookings for your clinic, sales for an e-Commerce site or something else, we can also work with you to improve your website and the results you achieve.

How do Google Ads work?

Ads are shown based on what each person is searching for, which means you reach people specifically searching for your product or service.  Ads can be targeted to the geographic area that you work in such as the Country or City, or even a certain radius around the address of your business.

Controlling the amount you spend on Google AdWords search engine marketing is easy because you:

  • pay only when people click on your ads
  • set your daily budget limit – there is no minimum spend or contract required
  • specify the maximum amount you are willing to pay for a click
  • set the days and times that you want your ads to run.

Watch Google’s Video below to learn more about AdWords

Looking to outsource management of your Google AdWords campaigns?

Click-Winning Content’s AdWords management service includes proactive campaign optimisation plus monthly analysis and reporting.

The campaign set up service includes:

  • Structuring your Campaign and Ad Groups to achieve high keyword Quality Scores
  • Writing ad content that makes the right people click on your ads
  • Selecting your keywords
  • Adding Sitelinks, Location and Call Extensions to make your ads stand out
  • Adding Negative keywords to help you avoid paying for the wrong kind of clicks.

If you have an existing Google AdWords search engine marketing campaign that you’re managing yourself and would like recommendations on how to improve it, contact us for a no obligation AdWords review. We can discuss the options for outsourcing the management of your campaigns, or teaching you how to optimise your campaigns yourself.

Why choose us?

CWC is owned and run by Melinda Samson (aka Mel) in conjunction with business partner Andrew McCready. Having been a Google Partner since 2009, in June 2016 we achieved Premier Partner status (which means that Google recognises our commitment to looking after our clients, and helping them use AdWords to grow their business).

Mel gets a rush every time she improves the performance of an AdWords campaign and every single time a client tells her their ads are generating enquiries and sales.

That’s part of what high quality AdWords management is all about. Here’s a few more reasons to work with us.

Over seven years in the Google Partner program

  • This means that Google trust us, so can you. Having been a partner for over seven years, AdWords is our core service and we’re committed to helping clients succeed.

No web speak required

  • We speak AdWords fluently so when required we’ll translate the info you need to understand into simple, jargon free English.

Insightful, proactive results driven management

  • We log in to AdWords every day and keep a close eye on clients campaigns. In fact, we manage your advertising budget like it was our own money.

Responsive communications

  • We’re committed to returning phone calls and replying to emails. Promptly. Which means if you need your campaigns paused, your budget changed or other updates made urgently, they’ll be actioned urgently. No stress. No fuss.
  • We also keep in contact with you regularly to discuss the results that you’re getting from your ad spend and to discuss suggestions for improvements.

Over 10 years AdWords experience

  • Mel has been around the AdWords traps for eons, since 2006. Back then she was working for a global software company and took on the responsibility of managing AdWords campaigns for Asia Pacific and Europe.
  • In 2009 Mel saw the opportunity to provide Australian small businesses with affordable AdWords services and great customer service. And so Click-Winning Content was born.
  • We’ve been growing ever since, managing campaigns for clients ranging from sole traders to large corporations.

Up-to-date knowledge

  • We dedicate time every day to keeping up with new AdWords features and understanding how to use them to benefit clients.

Combining marketing and science to get the best return

  • Mel is a marketer by experience and a scientist by Melbourne University qualification. One of the reasons she loves AdWords is that it is the perfect fit for these combined skills. AdWords needs a creative marketing approach to writing ad copy, tweaking landing pages and thinking outside the box to outsmart your competitors. But it’s also a science. Reviewing the key stats, understanding what they mean in terms of your campaign performance, what can be changed to improve it and the return that you’re getting for your business.

Ready to take your AdWords campaigns to the next level?

Whether you want to outsource the management of your AdWords campaigns, or learn DIY optimization, we’d love to work with you to help you make the most of the opportunities that AdWords offers.

Melinda has been helping our business with Google Campaigns for over a year now, and the results are fantastic.  She’s continually works hard to ensure that our campaign is effective and it’s been fantastic to see the direct link between ad spend and results. When you see an expert like Melinda creating and tailoring the Campaign, you understand why it makes sense to engage their services – you stop wasting money and instead start optimising your spend.

John Kelly, Self Super Insurance


As a small business owner rather that having time to practice my trade I was pulling my hair out trying to learn everything I needed to about this whole other language of Google AdWords. I was so relieved when a friend recommended Click Winning Content. Instantly Mel was able to put me at ease and help me figure out how to get my business advertising back on track. She offers an affordable and flexible training package that has changed the way I do business. I will continue to work with Mel well into the future.


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