Google Plus Coaching & Training for Australian Businesses

Now is the time to stake your Google+ turf.

Before your competitors do.

Google Plus Training and CoachingImagine a social media platform:

  • Like Facebook, but where your Page updates can potentially reach everyone who’s following
  • Like LinkedIn, but where you can connect with anyone
  • Like Twitter, but with Communities where you can easily connect with like-minded people
  • With clearly displayed high quality images like Instagram and Pinterest
  • And without in stream ads.

Then add the power to help your content get more web traffic from Google.

This social media platform already exists. It’s called Google+.

Predicted to overtake Facebook and become the world’s largest social media network in 2016, now is the time for Australian Businesses to tap into the benefits of Google+. Before your competitors do.

The Get into Google+ Short Snappy Video Training Program is Now Available!

Created by Melinda Samson and Kylie Saunder, this product will make it easy for you to discover tips and tricks for accelerating your Google+ success including:

  • What is Google+ and why should you care
  • How to set up a professional Google+ profile
  • The features of an engaging Google+ post
  • Getting connected with the right kind of people
  • How to find people and communities to connect with.

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Interested in Custom Google+ Training for your Team?

We can make is easy for you and your peeps to start making the most of Google+ quickly.

Give Mel a call on 03 9340 9018 or if you fancy, peruse her Google+ profile first.