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Free Google Analytics 101 Videos

Got Google Analytics installed but don’t know what the data means?

Or how you can use it to improve your website’s performance and business results?

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Hi, I’m here to help you with Google Analytics, Google’s free web analytics tool which provides loads of information about how your website is performing.

I’m Melinda, a Google AdWords partner, and I love helping small businesses with Google stuff. If you already have Google Analytics installed, but haven’t had time to figure out what all the data means or what you can use it for, then you’ll love the free Google Analytics 101 video series.

Just click the big red button on this page and you’ll get instant access to the videos. There are currently 14 videos available and I’ll be adding more in future. They’ll help you understand things like:

  • what your visitor stats mean
  • where your web traffic is coming from
  • which content your visitors love, or hate
  • how many people are viewing your website on a mobile device
  • plus loads more useful tricks and tips.

And best of all each video only lasts a few minutes. So you can watch them when you are having a coffee break, and gradually build up your knowledge.

So, show your website some love by learning how to improve its performance.


Here’s what some small business owners have to say about the vids:

LOVE it – fresh, funky, straight to the point, and quick! Winner!

Paula Johnson,

I love the videos! They are clear, concise and perfect for a beginner like me. I wasn’t overwhelmed and they gave me hope that I could actualIy learn the important stuff to track my business.

Andrea Bryant

The Google Analytics 101 vidoes are great. Perfect length and I learned heaps.

Shae Baxter

Access your vids today and get inspired to continually improve your website. Because that can make all the difference in the world to your business.


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Self Confessed Google Analytics Addict

Excited About Helping You Make the Most of Your Google Analytics Data

P.S. And if you’d like even more on-going tips for making the most of Google Analytics I’d love you to connect with me on social media as well.