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Melinda’s expertise in the Google world is second to none and has resulted in setting up Google Why-Choose-CWCAnalytics for businesses across the Arrium organisation so we can get more value out of our websites. Not only is Melinda’s engagement professional, she goes above and beyond to ensure she delivers the best service to the customer. Our organisation learnt so much in just one and a half hours, more than we had time to learn on our own, and Melinda’s clear and thorough delivery meant we walked away with knowledge over and above the affordable price we paid for her assistance. Even since our workshop, our relationship with Melinda continues and we have been able to turn to her for advice on other related matters. I cannot recommend Melinda’s services enough – she truly partnered with our business to up-skill our team in an efficient and productive way.

Shannon Eagles, Digital Communications Manager, Arrium


As an entrepreneur I handle much of the back-end work of my website.  Even though I’m comfortable working my way through WordPress; when it comes to SEO and Google Analytics I’m certainly out of my comfort zone.  It didn’t take long for me to realise I’d made the right choice. Working with Melinda helped alleviate any stress involved in setting up the SEO and Google Analytics for my website. Melinda is trustworthy and takes pride in ensuring you receive the best outcome. It is without any hesitation that I recommend Melinda for all your SEO and Google Analytics & Adwords needs.

CaAtherine Meredith

When I first met Mel I had no knowledge of how SEO worked, what I can do to make my business presence stronger on Google searches, or the benefits of creating engaging wording for my webpages.  After a great initial meeting where Mel had thoroughly researched my business prior and had an action plan, we then met via Skype, saving travel time.  With adjustments to my website Page Title and Meta Description, my business was ranking in the top 4-6 of Google searches, and the proof was in the increase of enquiries – December was double that of the previous year which was excellent.

To keep me on track I now also have Google Analytics set up so I can monitor the activity on my website and keep myself on target. I would highly recommend Melinda at Click Winning Content to anyone who wants to increase their business presence in Google searches and also on Social Media.

Stephanie Lee, Alive Personal Training.


Melinda has been my copywriting go-to gal for as long as I can remember. So when I was launching a new website, I knew exactly how to get my message out to the world. Melinda did such an amazing job of my web copy, that I was already getting contacted by brand-new customers who had found me through Google within a month! For a down-to-earth, professional job that really gets results, you can’t go past Melinda!


Melinda has been helping our business with Google Campaigns for over a year now, and the results are fantastic.  She’s continually works hard to ensure that our campaign is effective and it’s been fantastic to see the direct link between ad spend and results. When you see an expert like Melinda creating and tailoring the Campaign, you understand why it makes sense to engage their services – you stop wasting money and instead start optimising your spend.

John Kelly, Self Super Insurance

As a small business owner rather that having time to practice my trade I was pulling my hair out trying to learn everything I needed to about this whole other language of Google ad words. I was so relieved when a friend recommended Click Winning Content. Instantly Mel was able to put me at easy and help me figure out how to get my business advertising back on track. She offers affordable and flexible training package that have changed the way I do business. I will continue to work with Mel well into the future.


I work with Melinda on many fronts, but by far the most important to me is the work she does for MY clients. As an Online Marketing Consultant it’s my job to maximise my clients marketing spend, and there’s nobody I trust more for their AdWords expertise than Melinda. Further to that, there’s nobody that I trust more to uphold the quality of service that is expected for my clients.

Melinda lends a wealth of knowledge and expertise in AdWords, not only to “do her job” but to constantly go above and beyond in collaborating with me on ways to further maximise my clients ‘bang for buck’. Having worked with a range of SEM Consultants I can promise you, it’s rare to find a consultant who’s not only willing – but interested in – looking beyond their numbers.

If you are, or are thinking about, running an AdWords campaign, you would be nothing short of insane to overlook Melinda’s incredible services. Her pricing is the best you will find (and less than she deserves), and if she didn’t double her worth through your advertising – well, I would happily eat my hat.

Chris Bates, Octoply

I looooovvvve it when someone clever like you turns my words into something that sounds so good. You have worked magic!

Thanks for making me sound like someone I would want to hire. I  am rapt!

Wendy Schlipalius Italicherry Design Studio

Meeting Mel and using her amazing services has eased my worries and stress.  Her confidence and 110% commitment to my project was amazing.

She knew instantly what I needed and did it.  Her passion and understanding rubs off and before I knew it, my stress and worry dissolved.  Her solutions are first-class and I’m forever grateful she’s “in my corner” helping me expand my business.

Kylie Saunder

Melinda Samson presented at one of our Red Tent events on the topic of “writing web copy like a pro”. I am personally very interested in keyword research, SEO and web copy and have learned a lot about it over the years. However, the way Melinda explained it sent light bulbs flashing for me.

As a direct results I got ranked on page one of Google – literally over night!  Thanks Melinda, your presentation was detailed, easy to understand and a plethora of knowledge.

Ludwina Dautovic  The Red Tent Woman

The complete package – education, support, fun, professionalism and a personal service. I will be eternally grateful to Melinda for being there at such a crucial time in my business. She took a genuine interest in coaching me to achieve what I needed to do. Beyond the call of duty!

Jo Kermond  Pets Boulevard

Using Click-Winning Content to manage our Google Ads account is already saving me time.  The number of visitors to our website from our Paid Search Ads has increased by 63% in less than month, and enquiries have increased too.

Andrew Gordon, Strategic Data – Fitzroy, Australia

Click-Winning Content is pleased to provide support and advice to Australian charities, particularly those receiving Google Grants.

Our support includes Australian children’s charity, Children’s Promise.

Following up website strategy session and the updates you made to our website, I thought, just for fun I will google “Australian Charity for Kids” to see where we are and guess what? We are already on page 1! I can’t believe it. thank you so much for helping us….

Ulrike Schuermann, Children’s Promise

And also The Alannah and Madeline Foundation

Melinda set up The Alannah and Madeline Foundations’ Google Analytics and Google AdWords grant account so we can make edits easily and quickly. In addition to her deep subject matter expertise, Melinda has a great ability to explain complex actions in a simple way, and is prompt professional and a pleasure to deal with.

The Alannah and Madeline Foundation

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