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Many small businesses create a website as a cost effective way to get new customers. If you already have a website but aren’t happy with it, or if you’re planning a new website, Click-Winning Content can help you increase website visitors and enquiries.

To help you get new business, we help your potential customers to:

  • find your website
  • visit your website
  • read your website
  • make an enquiry about your product or service.   The rest is up to you!

Located in Melbourne, Australia, Click-Winning Content provides personalised and affordable website marketing services for small businesses. View our Reference Websites.

What can we help you with today?

Getting More Web Visitors and Improving Your Web Results

Monitoring Your Website’s Performance

Marketing your Business Online by Creating and Sharing Content.

Would you rather learn to do your own online marketing?

We also offer one-to-one coaching in:

Why do you need click-winning content?

Web marketing is all about getting people to click.

Let’s face it, if no one ever clicks to visit your website, or clicks on anything on your website once they get there, then you’re not getting any results!

You can increase your website traffic and enquiries with web content that gets people to click on:

  • the link to your website in a search engine results pages
  • an online search ad that promotes your company
  • the embedded links in the content of your homepage and website
  • the link to contact you for more information, buy your product or sign up for your e-newsletter!

Why does having well written web content and a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign quickly improve the performance of your website?

By using SEM you can pay for your website to appear in the Ads section on a Google Search Engine Results Page. This is a quicker and easier way to increase traffic to your website than optimising your site to appear in the organic results.

Google Search Engine Results Page

Google Search Engine Results Page

Contact us and your SEM ad can be up and running by the end of the day!

When someone clicks on your SEM ad and visits your website, if the web content does not quickly indicate how the website is relevant to what the person was searching for, they will hit the back button and search again. High quality web copywriting encourages people to click on your links, read more about your product or service and then make an enquiry.

As well as keeping people reading, having good web copy and using the right keywords in the right places also influences where your website appears in Google.  In the long term, for maximum results your website should also be optimised for organic search.

Always use a Qualified Google Advertising Professional to help you get the best results from your Google SEM Campaign. The owner of Click-Winning Content is an Adwords Qualified Individual.

Do you want web content and search ads that win clicks?

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