SEO Web Copy Editing for Small Business Websites

Because web copy needs to be different from other types of copy

Often you’re so busy focusing on the design and structure of your new website that the copy is overlooked. When you start thinking about it it’s late in the game so you dig out the copy you used on a brochure and paste it on your home page.

Problem solved, right?

Well actually, with this approach, your website investment can be wasted because no one will be able to find your website in search engines, and when they do get there they won’t want to read it.

Before we get in to the nitty gritty of good web copy, here’s a few examples of Mel’s work

Melinda has been my copywriting go-to gal for as long as I can remember. So when I was launching a new website, I knew exactly how to get my message out to the world. Melinda did such an amazing job of my web copy, that I was already getting contacted by brand-new customers who had found me through Google within a month! For a down-to-earth, professional job that really gets results, you can’t go past Melinda!


Visit the Baby Royale website and read the home page

Visit the Nordical Diving website and read the home page

Although fabulous designs are important and enjoyable for the eye, the words are equally important when it comes to getting results.

Back to the reasons for getting your web copy professionally edited

1.People often skim the content of websites

Make sure your content is skim-able by using:

  • Simple language
  • Headings and subheadings
  • Bold and italics
  • Bulleted lists
  • Embedded links to other web pages.

2.Professionally Edited Web Content leads to New Business

If the aim of your website is to generate enquiries that lead to new business, your web content needs to;

  • be search engine friendly, so more people can find you
  • capture attention of visitors quickly, so they don’t hit the “back” button
  • clearly describe what your company does
  • encourage visitors to read about your product or services
  • make visitors want to contact you
  • make it easy to find out how to contact you.

Seems obvious, right?

But we still see way too many websites that have obscure content that makes it difficult to find out what the company actually does.

3.Professionally Edited Web Copy includes Keywords

Keywords are the words that people enter into search engines to find your product or service. Search engines need to know what a website is about in order to accurately match their list of results to what the person is searching for.

As search engines can only read the words on your website, they can’t look at the pictures, keyword rich content helps your site get listed higher on the search engine results page.

The right keywords for your website are the words that people search for most frequently, and that accurately reflect your product or service.  The number of other companies targeting the same keywords is also important.

4.Keywords can be overused. Good web copy includes the right amount of the right keywords in the right places.

As your web content editor, Mel from Click-Winning Content will work with you to

  • understand your business and website objectives
  • identify the right keywords
  • edit your web copy, incorporating the keywords
  • and we also write the other bits that help search engines know what your website is about.

Are you ready for web copy that keeps people reading and helps people find your website in search engines?

Give Mel a call on 03 9340 9018 or send an email via our Contact page.