Google AdWords Training

Google’s advertising program can get you on page one quickly and drive traffic to your website

AdWords training helps you get a better return from your ad spend

If you’re currently spending money to advertise with Google, are you confident that you’re getting the best return for your time and investment?

Learn how to optimise your own Google AdWords campaigns by booking a training session with a Melbourne based Google Partner.

We’ll save you hours of time Googling the information you need by fast tracking you straight to the tips and tricks needed to optimise YOUR campaigns. And because it’s a hands on session, we’ll make the updates as we go.

During the training we will walk through key areas of your Campaigns and show you how improve your results by getting more of the right kind of clicks and more clicks for your daily budget. We’ll also review how you’re tracking the results from your Campaigns and using Google Analytics to understand what results you’re getting.

1-to-1 and Small Group AdWords Training Options

Training options offered:

Pricing is based on the training required, number of people attending and whether the training is face-to-face or remote.

I knew enough about Google AdWords to be dangerous. Not a good place to be when you’re actually trying to make it work! Then I met Melinda, who made it all make so much sense. Not only that, she even takes the pain away by doing it for me (gotta love that!). I really appreciate how we talk about next moves and possible outcomes. Melinda is indeed an asset to have on your team, especially if adding value to your business is what you go into Google Adwords aiming to do…

Denise Hall, The Entrepreneurial Mother

During the AdWords training sessions, you’ll discover how to optimise your campaigns including:

  • monitoring your click through rate
  • keyword optimisation, what to keep, what to pause, what to add
  • tweaking ad copy to get the best performing version
  • setting your maximum cost per click to meet your objectives (weighing up maximum traffic versus stretching your budget further)
  • maximising your chance to convert visitors with a good landing page
  • improving your Quality Score with a well targeted keywords, ad copy and landing page copy
  • using Conversion Tracking
  • using the data in Google Analytics to understand how the visitors behave once they arrive at your website
  • finding out which keywords people actually type into Google before clicking on your ad
  • adding Negative words to avoid paying for the wrong clicks
  • and other AdWords secrets that I’ve picked up while managing 1000’s of ads over the past 8 years!

Access to your Google AdWords account is required prior to the training.

“My Adwords training session with Melinda was incredibly helpful. She showed me how to set up an account and provided invaluable tips for writing and getting the most out of my ads. You’ll learn ways to maximise your click-through rate and prevent wasted impressions. This session is essential to discover tricks and tips to avoid pitfalls and newbie errors. Melinda presents the information in a clear and organised way and answered all my questions during the session. Highly recommended.”

Andrea Rotondi

Online Communications Specialist

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And if you’re not 100% convinced you want to manage your own ad campaigns, read about our other Google AdWords services.